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– ALome.com: une contribution en photos pour la Fete de la Mode à la Casa Italiana, à l’occasion de la Semaine de la Langue Italienne dans le monde (octobre 2016)

– Mawuna Remarque Koutonin, éditeur de SiliconAfrica.com, fondateur de Goodbuzz.net et activiste social pour la renaissance africaine.

Few months ago, I received a message from a friend. He had just landed here. He does not see his future in Europe, so he packed his stuff, and with his family, they moved to Africa. In less than four months, he had launched his fish farm project, and with his wife they have started the first Italian cultural center here in Lome: La Casa Italiana.

La Casa Italiana offers students, and professionals, a unique place to discover the Italian culture and language, but also the historical links between Africa and Italy.

I’ve visited ‘La Casa Italiana’ two times already, and it’s just unbelievable the passion, the energy, the dedication the team is pouring into making it a symbol of Italian excellence mixed with African Renaissance aspirations.

August 2015